21 Days to your Higher self


Shift from Powerless to Powerful in just 21 days

Imagine in just 21 days you are confidently able to deal with life with ease & grace rising above every challenge you face..

Because let's face it aren't you tired of facing the same challenges over & over again?
 aren't you tired of asking yourself what is the point in this..
because No matter what you do, you just can't seem to overcome them..
But what if..
What if I told you that YOU had the power within you to shift it all in just a moment?
What if I told you that you could do just exactly that?

What I deeply desire for you is to be able to know how to do this consistently in your life with ease and grace, this is why I have created this 21 day programme that provides you with the tools you need to lead you on a journey that will shift you from feeling powerless to being able to deal and overcome all your life challenges while claiming the blessings within them, imagine that, that for every time you triumphed, you would be rewarded by the universe wholeheartedly & that is what this course will offer you.

This course is something you will be able to come back to over and over, so that you know exactly how to come back into your power when life gets challenging because let's face it, curve balls are thrown at us as part of our expansion and that is why awareness to know how to deal with them is the key so we don't remain powerless.



What to expect

Guided Meditation

Within the programme you are provided with a powerful 20 minute guided meditation that uses the element of fire to burn through all that you are not, allowing the re-birth of who you are.Through this process you will ultimately be led on a divine journey that supports you in leaving behind all insecurities, doubts and worries that are preventing you from being who you truly are so you can embody your most powerful self, allowing a newfound confidence to emerge from within.

21 day Power Journal


This course is based around a downloadable journal that you will utilise for the next 21 days. Each day you will identify where you are giving your power away when reflecting upon your days challenges & learning to embrace the lessons within them so you can start making transitions in your life. This journal will also support you in setting yourself up for success each day by creating sacred morning intentions ultimately returning you to your full power within self in knowing you have the power to create your reality.

Daily Affirmation

Every day within your 21 day journal you will be provided with a new daily affirmation to support you on your journey, this affirmation will also be available within the course content so that you can get daily inspiration over the course of your journey. By affirming these new affirmations within self you will be reprogramming & rewiring the universe within you which will help you forge a new reality, one that is aligned with what you really want, in knowing you are and always have been everything that you ever needed.

This is just the beginning..

Are you ready to take the next step?






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