The truth of Hayley Woodgate

Growing up Hayley enjoyed the endeuvors of modelling, doing catwalk shows in Sutton Surrey for Global Brands such as Next. At 19 she then went on to follow her passion for Fashion & spent a year studying in Fashion design, in which she then went onto to follow her creative endeuvors in Make artistry in Irelands most prestigious makeup academy, LA Makeup Academy in Dublin. After this she spent several years battling with her own mental and physical health, entering an untrue marriage. It was in her darkest times the network marketing industry was unveiled to her in which she became succesful in a company called Nuskin and that is where her story began..

This led her to the profound discovery of the personal development industry in which she spent years diving into every book she could get. She came to realize her love of public speaking, like life lit up when she was in a room, after attending many public speaking seminars she realized she was born to be on stage and that was where her love for leading a group of women was born. It was during her time in network marketing she started to have a fascination for coaching but she realized she wanted to do it differently, as she wasn't drawn to the masculine ways of leading, After her decision to leave the network Marketing, she embarked on the path of spiritual healing, which led her to enroll to become an accredited spirituality life coach and author in which she is currently still in training, during this time she has also gained a diploma in the Divine Feminine to dig deeper into the generational lineage of cycles and patterns of women as well as gaining accredited training on domestic and sexual violence with federal organization women's aid to continue to support her mission.

She is now working on her first book to unveil the truth of trauma to help other women as well as working on setting up a foundation to support other trauma warriors in healing organically, paving the way for a new generation, this has always been her greatest dream which you can now look forward to in the year coming of 2020.

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