Become a Queen affiliate

You deserve to be rewarded for walking through this programme and if you have chosen to do so then you are part of the family now

And if not then theres still time to do so..


Are you ready to be apart of something greater?

  •  Be a part of  a sacred sisterhood in healing collective trauma

  • Striving for a greater mission

  • Being rewarded for paving the way within

  • Allowing your soul to lead the way

  • Trusting wholeheartedly in the voice within you

  • Allowing in abundance in knowing it is true to who you are


  • And so much more.. 

Here's how it works

Because we are looking for REAL advocates, we are looking for affiliates who have walked through it for it is essential that you can come from the heart. The good news is if you are seeking to be an affiliate not only do you have the opportune to change your life but the opportune to change others, so to thank you for your willingness, we want to offer the opportune to enroll in this programme with a 20% discount plus the £111 saving you can already avail of if choosing to pay upfront. Once you have completed and fulfilled your six-week mission after enrolling in the program, you will then have the opportunity to become an affiliate, in which you can then support others when called to do so.

Here's what you can expect

20% off Become the Queen of Self 

Supporting others  in changing their reality & healing within

A yearly event in which we will gather together to honor the soul that you are 

Rewards and bonuses for being a part of the affiliate programme

And lastly 20% commission which will be paid out on the first of every month thereafter

This isn't for everyone, this is for intuitive and empathic women whom are willing to trust in their voice within in knowing when their soul is calling. This is not to force this upon everyone, it is to merely allow them the gift of the what this programme can give when the time feels right for you, are you ready to honour that?

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