Are you ready to be the leader of self?


Divine channel & goddess of The Truth of Trauma

What if I told you it all starts with you..

That just by doing ONE thing you can live the ultimate reality..

Be you &

Be True

When you align with who you really are everything else in your life will  unfold

Imagine this

In six weeks time you will :


Have become the leader of self

allowing something larger than life to lead the way

attracting all that you desire

from a place of ease and grace


feeling FULFILLED wholeheartedly by life

aligned with the knowing everything is exactly as its meant to be

no longer feeling the need to strive for or attain what is outside of you

having tapped into what is within you

wholeheartedly trusting in self

utilising your universal power that is already within you

having released all that shame of who you think you are

to step into who you truly are


breaking through ALL limitations

to give yourself permission wholeheartedly to BE YOU !

Are you ready to be who you really are? Do you ever feel lost, unidentified like you don’t know who you are; then this is for you, no more taming, only claiming, for we will rise together as the wild goddess that you are! If you wanna play small and sit on the sideline then this isn’t for you but if you’re ready to be a true light worker then jump on in and be who you really are, no more hiding or pretending to be someone you’re not, just be who you are and that beacon will attract the right people in in knowing I am and always have been love within!

Become conscious on where you are not honouring the soul that you are, seriously if you want to see where you’re not aligned with love within then this is for you, in this programme you will see everything, where you’re dishonouring, re-abusing, YES you heard me sister because on some level you’re repeating a cycle that isn’t love within, it will shine light on everything so that every single day of your life, you are aligning with the love within, with your conscious behaviour, your choices, you’re words! You will learn to show up as who you really are so you can honour yourself on every single level, not just one but with the wholeness of you’re being, you’ll be aligning with love within, so step on in!


Are you crapping your pants right now? I'd be worried if you wasn't but know this, this FUN six week journey, is not work, it is love! You will be totally transformed in a way that is for the highest good for everyone, you will be lit up from the inside out and even through the shedding you’ll still be an embodiment of love within, this programme is SO FUN that it won’t even bother you, you will have walked on through, only to realise wow look how far I’ve come and there wasn’t even a bother on me! You will have transformed into your full potential in the knowing, actually I can do it, no more doubting, only rising, so are you ready to rise with me? And have fun while doing so then say yes, this is your epic adventure, in knowing there is no divine timing, there is only NOW! Are you ready to be a superstar just like me? Haha just kidding (not), but seriously you are the key so no more dimming, only shining from a place of love within! Let’s go..

What to expect 

Every single month you will receive energetic healing in order to hold you in a safe and sacred container, you will even receive a zoom link so you can receive it abundantly in knowing you are being supported throughout your journey

You will be able to attend a live event with a savings of a 20% discount in knowing you can level up and fully nourish yourself in her presence for one of her one day workshops.

Six weeks of absolute gold mine content that is seven years worth of divinity all compact into one six week programme, to ensure the ultimate transformation so don't expect to walk out the same woman again!

Unlimited guided meditations that will not only enable you to experience the miraculous exchanges within the energy healing of them but a lifetime support of divine audios to help you be an embodiment of love within.


An opportunity to grow & expand alongside a community of soul aligned sisters who will support you, encourage you and believe in you. You will have created life lasting bonds with other like minded souls who are on the same path as you ultimately embodying that deeper understanding of who you really are. 

Are you ready to unveil your truth to allow this in..


Don't you want to experience a life of wholeness,

to experience heartfelt relationships,ultimate connections & physical well-being so you can thrive in a soul felt career?


This is for you if any of these resonate:

You have experienced a string of failed relationships or been rooted in dysfunction & co-dependency due to childhood trauma

If you are always sacrificing selflessly & putting your own needs aside to merely please others & feel resentful towards them and yourself for not saying NO!

Some part of you feels guilty for leaving the past behind so you hold onto it while also being afraid to FULLY move on because your unsure of what lies ahead of you

Your insecurities & low self esteem is holding you back from living wholeheartedly, your lack of self confidence is ultimately preventing you from living a life that you love

You feel kind of confused, lost & overwhelmed as to what is next for you, uncertain to how to identify your TRUE calling

transform your past

Surrender all that is no longer serving you by releasing what is already gone, immersing into what is. In the knowing there is universal lessons within  everything you will be able to easily identify and accept the blessings within these universal lessons ultimately transforming your pain into power.

& release the future

Many teach you to let go of the past but don't often speak of the importance of releasing  the future. This step is crucial in embodying all that you are by letting go of all outcomes & expectations of how you think your future should be essentially allowing way for something greater to unfold, truly letting life lead the way  aligning with faith instead of fear.

step into who you are

Clear the way for anything that is not aligned with your truth & prepare for the ultimate transformation as you shed what no longer serves you, challenging your thoughts, beliefs, relationships & things, shedding "who you think you are" & awakening to who you really are.

tap into what is within you

Transmute the parts within you that you have disowned  in the light  so you can use them for a greater good as well as unleashing qualities within you that you had forgotten  to truly utilise so you can embody ALL that you are  for anything & everything can be transmuted once held inthe light.


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