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"Spirituality is not a thing or something to be  found outside of you, it is merely embodying the truth of

who you are within you, that is where TRUE love resides"

hayley woodgate

The hardest thing about embarking on this path, is doing it solo, I get it because I walked it and that is why I have created this community not just to tap into the truth of who you are, allowing in miracles but to embark on it with a group of other like minded sisters so you can feel heard, seen and loved throughout your journey, always having somewhere to turn to.

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What to expect from your monthly Miracle Membership

Every month you will receive a workbook in PDF form, a video and audio and you may even find an extra surprise, along with this you will discover a new topic each month as well as exclusive bonus content to support you and your own sacred soul sister community PLUS that is not all, included in your subscription will be our monthly group gathering as we come together for our sacred sister share circle on a platform called zoom, so you can manifest your ultimate desires while releasing what is no longer true to you. so that each month you are truly expanding &growing into whom you are meant to become.

As part of the membership  you will get to commune once a month, participating in Hayley's signature circle in which you will shed all that you are not and unveil all that you are, for we are on a continuous journey of the expansion of self, there is no time or frame in which we will be led to ALL that we are for we are constantly becoming her, day by day as lead the way for self.

Hayley has the ability to support you in seeing that you have everything you need inside of you to become who you really are - Divine Love. Hayley really opened up the strength within me and started me on my journey to self-love, inner guidance and inner peace. She is extremely passionate and supportive and seeing her own love for herself helps you to see what an embodied Goddess really looks and feels like - and is a huge support to your on own awakening.

Caroline Kelf

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