Are you living the life you want to? Live the dream!

I know with the Corona Virus it’s a bit hard but it’s never too late to dream.

Are you really living the life you want to?

Sometimes you’ve got to take a step back to take a step in and that’s where I currently am,

im currently realigning everything in knowing this is not who I want to be.

Somehow throughout the whole year (which is understandable) I forgot what I was living for, me and the dream within me.

I was doing it for someone else, I was so caught up in the industry that I forgot who I am and down the line I couldn’t remember and then I come back to my own again and remembered hang on this is not the life I want to be living. How did I even get here? Do you ever feel like that, that you’re walking blindly for so long that you wonder how you even got here?

Well that was me and now I’m looking at things in a whole new light in thinking this is who I WANT TO BE! I don’t want to be living by society’s structure, I want to be living by my own, on my own, on my own terms, doing me!

So find your own rules,

if you want to go travelling (FUCK THE CORONA),

if you wanna break away,


Sometimes we gotta take risks in our own society,

and create our own damn path,

that’s what this is all about,

I let life suck me in but no more,

I’m not here to be constructed,

or constrained,

or live by someone else’s law,

im here to live my own,

and the whole point of me pursuing this path,

was to create that,

bur you know sometimes we just got to redirect to redirect,

how can you do that?

This is what I want to do:

  • create a vision board for where I want to be

  • Do the things I’m afraid of and that TERRIFY ME


I want to take a leap of faith in myself.

I’m not scared anymore and I’m not gonna let this corona thing bother me,

cause this is what I came for,

I trust in my ability.

we've overcome worse,

well I certainly have,

so who’s coming with me?

Who's daring to come with me,

who wants to go travelling in their society,

who wants to be a rebel in their love life by being their own lover,

can you feel me?

Can‘t you feel your own damn destiny,

this is who we came here to be!

No more cowering,

or settling,

this IS who we came here to be!

Now ROAR for me!

And let it out,

don’t be afraid of your own company,

because you ARE divinity.

Whats your vision,

share it with me;

where do you want to be in six months time and let me know so I can hold the vision,

cause it’s already done sister!

All my love everyone,

The dream in me sees the dream in you

Join me on September 30th for our Sacred Sister Share Circle. Find the link here 👉🏼

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