How to eat healthy while on a budget & SAVE time

I don't know about you but my greatest challenge with eating healthy was finding the time so that i stopped snacking when I was looking for something convenient and how an earth to eat healthy while saving, like seriously, being healthy is expensive, right?

Well, that is not true!

Busting The Myth

Heres the thing for some reason we get it into our heads that to eat healthy cost a fortune and that had a detrimental effect on my bank balance, spending £100 a week on food shopping just wasn't worth it. That's a totality of a whopping £400 a month like shocker, i don't know about you but I can think of better things to spend my money on, you know, a nice outfit or a good product to buy, anyway, I learnt that after much challenge and triumph, I could shop on as little as £20 a week, I know, I ouldn't believe it either.

From a woman who went from being seveely strict on her eating regime, having to eat ALL organic and plant based, it was crippling, it may have been good for my health at the time but it was seriously stressful and IMPOSSIBLE when I tried to merge back into a normal lifestyle, like the calories were not sustainable nor was it enough, I couldn't cope with the constant stressing, oh does, this have that in it, oh does it have that, especially when out, well that was just a nightmare, so here's what I did..

How I came to learn about eating on a budget and saving time while doing so..

The biggest thing for me was overcoming this challenge, I had to have it all, health and well being and a normal lifestyle so this is why I embarked on this adventure and came across my new foundings.

Step One
Don't be Hard on yourself

Seriously, sometimes, you have just got to do the best you can do, ever hear the saying, "God grant me the ability to change what I can control and grant me the serenity to let go of what i cannot", well this rule applies here, sometimes you just got to make the best of what you have and if I have learnt anything, it is better to eat than to starve. NO JOKE! That is what I used to do, now I just give my body a little pep talk and say look I know your hungry and I'm going to nourish you the best way I can but this is all we have, so lets be grateful for it and I trust you in making the best of it, in knowing that everything will be OK, for i want you to be sustained and fulfilled so do not judge me for not being perfect at my eating regime in this moment of time. BOOM! Just like that you make the best out of a bad situation and even better you can prep which will I will be leasing you through in a second blog, this is the key to your vitality..

Step Two
It's Ok to not be OK
How to beat stress eating!

Here is a massive thing that people struggle with, including me and you guessed it, stress eating, oh what the hell to do? How can I eat healthy when I am emotionally imbalanced and totally craving a big pizza?

Well the answer is compromise, replace it with something healthier, this is what I do all the time, I make a delicious homemade ice cream made out of cacao and coconut milk or I make a pizza with a plant based base such as sweet potato or chick pea burgers with almond crackers instead, the point is there is always a way and the last thing you need to do is ignore your cravings, you need to honour how you are feeling and give yourslf what your body is crying for, but doesn't mean you can't be healthy, it just means you need a healthy supplement, see? Easy isn't it? Why not have a fun day making up loads of plant based healthy snacks and goodies and store them away for a rainy day so that when that stress day comes, boom you're prepared for it and you don't have to binge eat, get those ingredients stocked up, my press is full of them, bragain hunting on place like amazon and Lidl, in which you'll get some amazing deal on things like cacao.

Step three
And last but not least, how to save time

Seriously pick that one fun day a week and go with it, follow it through and make a consistent habit out of it, have food readily available but not like the oh so toxic ready made mails we get in the store, but our very own handmade and home cooked baking in the making that has been stocked and stored for us, there is the wonderful thing called a freezer, that makes life oh so much easier, you can stock anything in there

If like me your still shopping, or my mum is god bless her, then go to the reduced fruit and veg section and even the offer aisle, they have great steals there, and then just pop them in the freezer, that's what I do, so I always have food available PLUS I'm being healthy while on a budget, who knew?

I personally choose a Sunday and it works for me, I love it, I choose new recipes each week and have fun with it, so this week I am making black bean meatballs and a ton of them so I have dinner every night so at the end of the evening, it's like I have had dinner made for me and I don't have to cook anything, seriously it is heaven, these little lifestyle changes make a whole massive improvement to the totality of your well'being for it gives you piece of mind, in knowing that everything is done and you don't have to worry about binging or starving because you've already got that system in place,

I hope this served you and improves your quality of life,

as much as it has mine,

all my love to you,

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