I’m success within me

So it’s a Friday night and I’m deep in thought after watching an Amazon Prime movie & I’m thinking about the love within me and who I used to be, in being my own worst enemy.

I genuinely used to hate me and it was never enough in my society, I always wanted to thrive more, be more, heal more, do more but it was never enough for me and then I realised I’m ok within me.

I decided to define my own success story in knowing I’m love within me, for if that’s not enough when will it ever be?

We tend to think all the things outside of us will make us feel fulfilled within us but it’s not the truth for it’s only love that can set us free in knowing I’m whole within me for it we are not whole with that then we will never be.

And I want you to know your enough so you don’t suffer like me for I was in the illusion I needed to be better than me, I was always in this bubble of who I thought I should be that I wasn’t seeing the real me, the true me that was always standing right in front of me.

The woman I fell in love with despite all the heartache, I somehow dismissed her and became who I shouldn’t be until I learnt a valuable lesson or shall I say I remembered that I am love within me and it’s not about staying in love, it’s about coming home to it in remembering I am and always will be love within me and that is why I define my very own success story in knowing I am home within me for that’s all I ever want within me for when I’m out of alignment with that energy; I’m not true to me but it’s all part of our epic adventure in knowing I’m love within me for how are we ever meant to love if we aren’t thrown a curveball here and there?

How will we ever establish who we are if we are not willing to be tested, to triumph the impossible, to.overcome the obstacles, climb that mountain...

And that’s where I learnt I’m already success within me, I’ve already triumphed that mountain, swam that ocean, been to sea because I have overcome every obstacle that’s ever been thrown at me.

I went through a divorce proceeding, I went through life repeating a vicious cycle within me and yet I still chose to pave the way for who I wanted to be, I found another way, a newer path, a greater one in knowing I wasn’t choosing to be destructive within me and I wasn’t my own worst enemy, I just wasn’t love within me.

And now I know I’m home because I remember success isn‘t something that happens outside of me for it’s a mirror of who I am within me,

for you will never matter for what you do but rather who you become and that’s what I align with in choosing to be love within me.

So are you ready to choose who you become without being drowned in sorrow, haunted by your past or riddled in self doubt then this is your chance! (I know because I’ve been there), but now you can become a queen sister.

Doors open in a few weeks from now for my signature programme “Be-come the Queen of Self” in which you can contact info@hayleywoodgate.co.uk for any questions you may have about it, for I am here for you, I love you, and I see you.

All my love,

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