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Today I woke up and I knew I genuinely wasn't going to be able to be of service in a way that I could hold space for a client today so I had to cancel in knowing it wouldn't be for the highest good of both of us, see periods are something I've struggled with for almost a life time to the point I was put on the pill just as young as 12, just to manage it, but ever since then I've been on a LONG journey and I want to share some of my discoveries with you, to serve you in embracing this gift of shedding.

Don't Block the Flow

OK this is a little dramatic but it is true, we block our own flow, when the pain gets discomforting, we stop allowing it and cause a lot of severity within self, I did it my whole life to the point I would pass out, huddled up in a corner, knees bent, unable to eat, deluded and completely in agony with the pain in my tummy, but what if this action and the resistance to it was actually causing it?

Because I learnt to be curious. I realised I was blocking my own flow which was to go against the truth of who we are and what is a period? It is a flowing, so if you are not aligned with your true nature, isn't it only natural you are going to face challenges with this?

And maybe just maybe it's not to hurt us, but to awaken us to "you are out of alignment with the truth of your being", in informing us you are OUT of the flow and this has got to go, because as I teach everything is and always will be for you, so first of all witness it as a blessing, although it may be hard to, accept this as your truth, if it feels right to do so.

So ask yourself are you in the flow or on the go? And I am presuming if you are reading this then you are NOT in the flow and by this I mean, resisting to what is and doing everything you can to avoid it rather than just allowing it to be, immersing in it, in the knowing this to shall pass because when you are not in this state, you are running away from it causing a whole lot of sensations prohibiting you from embodying the well being that you are.

Yes I am talking about life in general..

Does this make sense?

How does this feel to you?

Does it feel true to you?

How is it making you feel?

OK lets go further..

If so why are you blocking it, what are you blocking and what are you running from because truth is a menstrual is a re birthing, a shedding of once was to allow what is, so you must be in the flow with it to allow the flow or you are merely going to attract a whole lot of dysfunction during this time frame so this is a time really to evaluate what you are not letting go of.

So firstly my tip to you is to flow with it, go with it and get that body moving, releasing ALL that no longer serves you!

Be brave and courageous enough to go with it, allow your period to lead you where it wants to, allowing those old components to resurface, don't be afraid of it, your womb knows exactly what you need at this time because it is tapped into the divine feminine, so trust it and allow it to birth through you, in whatever form it may come in, a lot of people suffer because they are so out of touch with the divine feminine, they suppress the dark rather than releasing it, so don't judge yourself for what needs to be seen or felt at this time, for it is a core part of your nature, just let it be, for a true light worker does not escape the dark, they transmute it and that is what you shall do, so whatever you are experiencing know it is perfectly OK, for you are not the darkness, you are the see-er, the see-er of all things, do you feel that?

Now here's some tips to support you during this time


These are the ones I recommend:

After spending years on the pill, I decided finally it was a due call to adjust it, rather than relying on medication my whole lifetime and from experience, Vitex is the most powerful and potent natural herb out there to regulate your cycles and prevent further symptoms. this is one of the best brands I've come across for it is non genetically modified and contains only natural ingredients, no dairy, no gluten, no yeast or natural flavouring for that contains MSG, did I mention it's affordable too?

And then there is Sage, although known for its cleansing properties, it is also a potent herb and powerful tincture for cervical healing, it helped me during recovery after surgery to remove abnormal cells from my cervix, it is also prevents them, unfortunately I was at stage three so I had to get the operation but if you are in early stages then you can supplement these in your diet to naturally dissolve them and to organically prevent them in the future. They are also really good for hot flushes, something that hugely effected me and made my cycles all that more uncomfortable, to the point I would have to strip and then dress again due to the fluctuation of body temperature, I choose this one because it is high dosage and enters straight into the blood stream, making it 100x times more effective and once again it is all natural and organic ingredients with no added alcohol to the tincture.

They are the first thing I would recommend and personally allocate, the second is BeYou Patches.

These are my greatest discovery as they are soothing of menstrual cramps, infused with eucalyptus oil, you can merely pop these on the bottom of your tummy and off you go, once again, all natural ingredients because personally for me, hot water bottles, as much as I love them, are detrimental for your well being. Do you know that you can't leave them on for longer than 30 minutes because they cause the blood in your veins to expand, I know because I suffered from it in experience, all of my veins were brought to the surface due to the use of a hot water bottle and it can be extremely dangerous, to the point they can even burst (OK that maybe a little dramatic, and i'm not even sure if that is true but I am pretty sure they can, anything is possible right?) and that is why I am so glad I bought these. You can even subscribe monthly, if you prefer to order them directly on their website at as well as browse tons of other products that can further support you in your menstrual cycle.

And lastly FOOD!

Oh my this is a big one and i'll have to do a whole separate blog on this because it is so crucial as we tend to turn to binging which doesn't help release toxins when your further replacing them with them, you want to clear out and allow your body to do so, so you need to find healthy replacements, an example of one I did yesterday was a cacao and banana smoothie with a chocolate and honey wrap, which I will do in a separate recipe blog, all of the ingredients merely consisted of almond milk, cacao, which is really high in iron and crucial on your time of the month, as well as strawberry for naturally releasing glucose so you don't have low blood sugar and honey and coconut sugar, the wrap was gluten, dairy and yeast free so it too was a healthier option, and I had that for breakfast to keep my sugar levels maintained as I normally would have avoided eating because the pain was too high and my sugar levels would have dropped making it all that much more challenging.

Now I learn to balance it and find out what is right for me, in listening to what my body needs, so don't be afraid to get curious about it and of course if you feel there are any health concerns, i always recommend getting them checked out by a GP, if i hadn't of gone that day and got a random smear, who know's if I would be here today, so be wise but don't also be afraid to seek out professional advice.

All my love,

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